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Live in Paradise & Retire for less than a $2,000 per Month.

Are you one of the Americans struggling to save for retirement who President Barack Obama mentioned in his State of the Union address? I have put together all the information you will need to find the best places to settle down when you need to make your dollar last. We favored countries that not only have low costs of living but also offer beautiful, relaxing settings; access to good medical care; and a range of activities to keep you busy.

First we must decide what retrying cheap means. For some wanting to retire for $660 mo.
Is cheap. For others $10,000 mo. to retire is cheap. If that is you then this eBook is not for you. My target is to retire for less than $2,000 mo. All of the area's we will talk about is very possible! You should do just what you are doing now, investigate. Check each of the links I have provided for you. Then you should take a vacation to your location that you have chosen. And meet with other retires and ask a lot of questions. Check out the real estate and how the housing looks to you.
Larry Anders is an advocate of living life to the fullest, and he takes pride in sharing his knowledge and experience with you. You will benefit from his experience and you’ll profit from his attention to the details of creating and conserving your valuable keys to success in the destination of your choosing. All you need to get started are the tips in this eBook, and a place you want to call paradise.

Retiring in a country far away the busy urban life has increasingly become a very common and exciting trend among retirees. Various destinations across the globe from North America to the South, and from Europe to Asia have been included in the list of the best countries for retirement. The cost of living, however in those countries have gone higher and higher as years passed by and so retirees now prefer the cheap places to retire, which are mostly newly discovered and underdeveloped tourist destinations.
If you have lived and worked all your life amidst the skyscrapers in a highly industrial city, you must be yearning to breathe in fresh air by the sea, to feel the warmth of white sand stretching along the turquoise waters that glitter under the sun, and to behold the soothing sight of palm trees gently swaying with the cool see breeze. You must be dreaming of the Caribbean Islands. These have been long known as best tourist destinations, but what about as cheap places to retire?

Here are just some Examples of what you will find in this book!

Costa Rica With lush forests, beautiful beaches, rich biodiversity and affordable living, Costa Rica is a prime tourist and retirement destination. It has a high standard of living and modern amenities for less than the price in Europe or the United States. Activities: Rainforests, volcanoes, bird watching, ecotourism, beaches Cost of living: 57 Healthcare: Medical care is adequate but limited outside San Jose. Human development index: 85.4 Weather: Tropical

Ecuador If you retire in Ecuador, you can rent a condo in the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca for $300 a month, according to International Living magazine, which gave the country its No. 1 spot in its 2009 World’s Top Retirement Havens. Plus, it states, retirees never have to wait on line! Activities: Hiking in tropical cloud forests, beaches, bird watching, shopping, UNESCO World Heritage sites, visits to the Galapagos Islands Cost of living: N/A Health care: Adequate, inexpensive medical care is available in the major cities, but services are limited beyond that. Human development index: 80.6 Weather: Tropical to temperate

Thailand Thailand’s delicious food, gorgeous beaches, excellent health facilities and low cost of living — an hour-long massage can cost less than $10 — have made it a popular retirement destination. Activities: Shopping, hiking, beaches, Buddhist temples
Cost of living: 74 Healthcare: High quality, affordable medical care has made Thailand a prime medical tourism destination. Medical facilities outside the major cities are limited. Human development index: 78.3 Weather: Tropical

Mexico Mexico’s proximity to the United States, geographic diversity and cultural treats make it another popular destination for Americans looking to find an inexpensive place to retire. And the low cost of labor means you can hire a housekeeper and gardener to come three times a week for $150 a week, according to International Living magazine. Activities: Ruins, beaches, mountains, art Cost of living: 80 Healthcare: Excellent health facilities in Mexico City; adequate care in other major cities. Human development index: 85.4 Weather: Arid to tropical

Uruguay Boasting a beautiful waterfront and rich cultural life , Uruguay’s capital and largest city Montevideo received South America’s highest rating in Mercer’s Quality of Living global city rankings 2009. Activities: Beaches, music and art scene, colonial towns Cost of Living: N/A Healthcare: Medical facilities are considered adequate. Serious problems may require evacuation. Human development index: 86.5 Weather: Mild

South Africa Thanks to its sandy beaches and majestic Table Mountain, Cape Town is known as one of the world’s most beautiful cities and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Retirees — especially those who love high quality, inexpensive wine and/or facelifts — can find plenty to keep themselves busy here.
Activities: Beaches, mountains, wineries, safaris Cost of living: 68 Healthcare: High quality medical care is available in major cities. Less expensive private hospitals have made South Africa a destination for plastic surgery tourism. Human development index: 68.3 Weather: Cape Town’s winters are mild; beautiful summers.

Panama Panama’s pensionado program, which entitles retirees to all sorts of discounts including 50 percent off movie and theater tickets and 30 percent off public transportation, has made this Central American
country a hot spot for retirees looking for a less expensive option. It topped International Living’s annual Global Retirement Index for six years straight. Activities: Beaches, mountains, rainforests Cost of living: N/A Healthcare: High quality, affordable. Many hospitals in Panama City are affiliated with U.S. hospitals. Medical facilities outside the capital are limited. Human development index: 84.0 Weather: Tropical

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